A cultural ride to the riverine food of India for tangy food lovers.

Coastal areas of India are famous for two things; coconut and seafood. The best thing about Indian coastal recipes is that they are not tasteless as compared to the rest of the world, which are known for being mild and having a sweet taste to them. The recipes of the Indian coastal regions are very spicy. Try out these coastal recipes from the diverse Indian coastline if you are a seasoned food lover.

Prawn Koliwada

This is a fried prawn recipe that has originated from Konkan. Therefore the spices used in this Indian prawns recipe are from Konkan only. You can add coconut for light sweetness to this dish, or have it in the original spicy and tangy taste. There are numerous modifications to this dish, but this is the most popular one.

Pork Sorpotel

This dish is famous for its Goan tenderness. The word ‘Sorpotel’ is driven from the Konkani word “soro” which means liquor or alcohol. This is a Portuguese dish which is usually prepared for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Pork is cooked in a spicy vinegar sauce with the famous ‘feni’ of Goa in this dish.

Daab Chingri

This eye-catching and delish dish is cooked and served in a coconut! It is a Bengali dish that is made with coconut and prawns with a little creativity. This recipe uses coconut and prawns but not the hardened and shelled mature part from them. Coconut adds the mild flavour of tenderness to Daab Chingri.

Coconut Mutton Curry

Coconut and mutton are the two most used ingredients in South-Indian dishes. These two ingredients add a very distinct and delicious flavour to the curry. Try this irresistible mutton curry recipe once, which is cooked with a rich amount of coconut and a light blend of spices making it a mouthwatering platter.

Kottayam Dry Fish Curry

All of us know that coconut is a primary ingredient in all South-Indian recipes. However, this fish curry is cooked with a minimum amount of water and without coconut. To prepare this dish, you need a unique element called kudampuli or gambooge which is also called Malabar tamarind.

Chicken Vindaloo

This vindaloo dish is truly not very different from any of the familiar Indian chicken curry dishes. Still being a Goan recipe, it has its singularities. The speciality of vindaloo dishes is that they are made with tamarind juice and roasted spices, that makes them easy to cook recipes interesting.

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