Enjoy Luxurious Train Rides in India

Who doesn’t love getting indulged into luxury? We book luxurious resorts and hotels for our vacation trips. But, what if the journey in itself also allows you to live your life king size? Yes, you heard it right, it is possible in India too as there are many special trains that offer you to witness the luxury of Indian royalties on the go. These trains are specifically designed to give you an impression of the royal life styles and you can explore the Indian Territory while enjoying the luxurious train rides as well.

Designed exclusively with grandeur and royal demeanor, these trains lead you to explore the prime cities of India. The vintage interior, imperial ambience and royal services are the most exclusive parts of these heritage trains. Not only the Indians, but travelers from all across the globe come to India to relive the glorious past of India while on their sojourn. These magnificent train journeys are surely once in a life time kind of experience and you will cherish the experience for all your life. Some highly appraised heritage trains in India are as follows:

rajasthan-royalRoyal Rajasthan on Wheels: this is one of the celebrated luxury trains in India that depict the royal lifestyles of Rajasthan. This train will lead you to explore most fascinating tourist destination in India. You can add more tourist spots with its extension tour facility. Enjoy optimum luxury, comfort and the experience of royal ambience throughout the journey.

palace on wheelsPalace of Wheels: Relive the grandeur of Rajput Maharajas’ luxurious lives of on wheels. The compartments of the trains are made of the carriages that the original Rajputs used to use for their travelling. It gives a more royal feel to the travelers and makes them to escape in the glorious past.

Apart from these two, there are trains like Golden Chariot, Fairy Queen and Deccan Odyssey that are counted amongst the best luxury trains. Equipped with utmost luxury and comforts, these trains will surely give you the most fascinating and royal experience of your life.

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