Five of the Many Wonders of a Vacation in Dubai

As the tourist steps off the plane in Dubai, he is greeted by a plethora of attractions that are just waiting to get his attention.

1. The first attraction that he goes to is the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The views across the city skyline and beyond to the vast open expanse of the Arabian Desert from the top floors are heavenly. When the tourist visits this place at night, the glitzy lights of the city’s skyscrapers dazzle him with their beauty.

2. Having seen the face of modern Dubai, the traveller wishes to see the exotic charms of the old quarter. For this he travels to Bastakia, where the ancient mansions of Persian merchants seduce him with their sprawling courtyards and stunning architecture.

3. During his free time, the tourist takes a walk down the Dubai Creek. Dhows are lined up along the marina. These small boats began life during the time of the Arabian Nights and are still in existence today. They might have come from antiquity, but they are still busy in these modern times as they bustle up and down the Creek carrying passengers and cargo.

4. The tourist knows that his trip to this city will be considered a waste if he does not travel to the Gold Souk and get stunned by the mountains of gold jewellery and oceans of gold bars that this market is so famous for. A travel to the spice souk introduces him to the many fragrances of the Middle East, which is brought alive by bags of saffron, cumin and paprika.

5. A trip to the shopping malls is a must in Dubai because they are cities by themselves and it often takes several visits to enjoy all their enchantments. There is much to see and much to do in this desert paradise, and several expeditions are necessary to take in all its many flavours.

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