Flying Adventures – What Gives You Wings?

When it comes to adventure sports, the technology and the awareness in India has been instrumental in introducing a whole lot if innovative methods to enjoy the breath taking style of sports. However a common favourite for a large number of dare devils has been the ability to fly. This leads one to think, how many methods of flying are there in the arena of adventure sports.

Paragliding: This is one of the most exhilarating while intoxicating ways of flying in india. The serenity with which you can simply glide across the sky with a paraglider is a spectacle that you must experience at least once in your life. It helps in calming your senses and being able to reminisce about life like no one else, in the middle of the sky.


Freefall: This is one of the most adrenalin pumping adventure sports that could be. When you indulge in a freefall, you are taken right above the world as we know it, in a helicopter and then allowed to jump out of it to fly back towards land. A safe landing is done with the help of the parachute, which you are trained to open at a certain point in time during your fall.

Bungee Jumping: While you won’t exactly be flying with this one, you are required to jump off a cliff or a high platform, rushing down to earth, while your legs are tied with a harness. Though you will not be flying, you do get the feeling of flying through air towards land.

Parkour:  This is one sport that not everyone can try out because it takes a great amount of skill, talent and practice for the body to be able to fly off one building to another in simple leaps without the help of any external tool or aid. However, this sport does qualify as flying because how can one otherwise jump off buildings without being hurt!

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