Guatemala: A Great Trip to See the Ancient Ruins of the Maya Civilization

If you want to visit ancient ruins outside of northern Europe, or from Africa, then do visit the country of Guatemala. Ancient ruins from civilizations await you with your camera in the country. If that does not thrill you, then Guatemala City will entrance you, with its fine resorts and hotels. Read on to learn more about the country of Guatemala, and all it has to show you.

History of Guatemala:
Guatemala is a Latin American country in Central America. Its neighbors are Honduras and the small country of Belize. The undiscovered ruin of the ancient tribe of the Maya nation was left abandoned for many years. Spain occupied the country until 1821 when it became independent with its own Guatemala flag. Recent interest in the culture in the later part of the 20th century has brought their culture to light and opened the doors too on the country’s tourism. For years, the country in the 20th century was embattled by the civil wars that left many homeless. Recent estimates have left thousands of children without homes, and many couples try to get a Guatemala adoption.

If you look at the Guatemala map, you will find small towns and the diverse culture that is a must-have pleasure to experience. Guatemala food is one of them. The food items generally include sugar, coffee; bananas, rice boiled or fried, and lots of delicious bean casseroles, or just served up hot.

Christmas Celebrations:
Christmas in Guatemala is a pleasure if you are visiting the country in the season. It is different than most Latin American countries because gifts for the children are given on Christmas Day, and the adults must wait until New Years Day to receive their gifts by Santa, or from each other. The celebrations for December 25 begin nine days before. There are lots of eating and parades with fireworks. A Guatemala Christmas always includes lots of feasts and happiness.

Other Sites to See:
A good vacation to Guatemala always includes Guatemala recipes of tasty foods, unusual celebrations for the holidays, and visiting the ruins of ancient civilizations along the way. Visit the city of Antigua Guatemala too before you go, where you will see the mountains and the old ruins of the city when the Spanish inhabited this area of the country long after the powerful Maya fell from its greatness.

While you are in the Guatemala forest, take along a handy bottle of bug spray because this country has a few bugs that bite like mosquitoes. If you go with a travel guide, make sure too that you don’t wander off.
Be sure to take the country’s map everywhere you go. Guatemala is a vast country and it is easy to get lost in the forest and city. Take a camera too, so you will remember the sights and sounds you experienced there.

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