Planning a Vacation in India

It is common for families all over India to start planning for a sightseeing trip once the summer vacations or the Diwali holidays have been announced. Everybody in the family is excited, and they busily start making plans for where they want to go, what they want to do and what activities they can indulge in. However, cold water is poured over all those plans when they find that not a single ticket is available by rail, road or air. New trains are being added every year, airlines are introducing new flights all the time and there are a vast number of taxi services and bus companies for taking passengers from point A to point B. But that is still not enough to cater to India’s burgeoning population that uses the holiday season to attend weddings, celebrate festivals, visit religious places, travel to their ancestral home and go for sightseeing expeditions with friends and family. That is why it is a good idea to make these plans well in advance, because getting tickets at the last moment is next to impossible, especially during vacation time. The best time to go to a tourist spot is in the off season. It is unlikely that families will come to such places when the children are in the middle of the academic year. So for those who are under no such obligation, planning a trip to these places would mean having the whole tourist town all to themselves and also availing of lower rates in hotels. Hotels display their room rates on their websites, so it is easy to compare different resorts as well as being able to judge which place has the best amenities. It is possible to book airline tickets well in advance over the Internet. The Indian aviation industry has many budget airlines operating in it. Full service airlines like Air India also offer some of the seats on their flights at a very low cost. The earlier the seat is booked, the lower is the cost. Quite often the passengers will be required to bid for the seats. In case, the flying time is short and the passengers do not want a meal on board, taking a low cost service can save them a lot of money. Most tourist destinations have excellent taxi services that can take tourists to all the major hot spots, while special trains are run to key pilgrimage destinations like Tirupati and Shirdi. With a little early planning, it is possible to enjoy a fun vacation at a decent cost anywhere in India.


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