Planning a vacation on a small budget

There are many people who wish to travel and take a vacation to a foreign country. But they do not have a lot of money. They have to operate on a slim budget. But that does not mean that they cannot enjoy a good vacation. So what can they do to travel comfortably with limited resources?

vactionsHow much to spend?

The travellers need to look at how much money they have and make some calculations. How much money are they prepared to spend on travel? How much money are they prepared to spend on hotels and food? How much money do they need for gate passes and tickets to sightseeing attractions? These are the questions that they need to be asking themselves before the trip.

Check websites on the Internet

The first thing they can then do is to go on the Internet and check websites that offer great holiday packages. There are many websites that give details on such matters. Some are reliable and some are not. But the reliable ones are quite famous. So it would be easy to go on these sites and get this information. These websites are user-friendly and it is easy to sort them based on the cost. They can narrow down a list of holiday destinations that fit within their budget. Some of these might be close to their own country while others might be a little far away. For instance, many European travellers find destinations in Asia more affordable and more exotic. Travel to some countries is made cheaper because of the exchange rate advantages.

Make a list of tour operators

The travellers then need to look at the agencies that offer tours to these places. It need not be reiterated that only trusted travel agents need to be looked at. In case no decent travel agent can be found for a particular destination then it is also possible to make plans on one’s own.  It is always a good idea to have two or three travel agents in mind. One should pick up the phone, make enquiries and ask them all the details about the tours they operate. The tour operator who offers the best deals should be the one who should be chosen.

Pack light

Once the tickets have been booked, the travellers should begin packing. They should keep it light. It is not a good idea to take too many items with you. It might be cheaper to buy certain things at the tourist destination and dispose them off. Usually for those looking to travel cheap a back pack suffices.  A research study conducted by experts on travelling show that people who travel light tend to enjoy far better.

Street food and local transport

Before embarking on the journey the travellers should do some additional research like which are the cheapest modes of transportation at the destination and where the most affordable places to eat are. Many cities around the world are well known for their street food. It is not only tasty, but it is also cheap. Using local modes of transportation also enable people to save money. Travelling in groups is another thing that people do to take advantage of economies of scale and good discounts.

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