Some of the best places to visit in Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent by surface area in the world. Europe is well known by its art, music, literature, philosophy and music.

Here are some of the best places in Europe one should definitely not miss them

Budapest: Budapest is the largest city and is capital of Hungary. It is an extraordinary example of architecture. Turkish baths are very popular and is also famous for spas and thermal baths. It is also popular for its trendy cafes, unrenovated old buildings, restaurants and bars.

Iceland: It is most famous for literary works and is the best destination for vibrant culture and landscapes. Dettifoss is the best waterfall to visit.  The best place to be visited during September and March is The Northern Lights. Blue Lagoon is a geo thermal pool where we have an opportunity to get bath in a heated pool and massaged by a water fall.

Porto & Douro Valley: This place is located in North of Portugal. This place is famous for its beautiful vineyards.

Croatia: The oldest national park Plitvice Lakes National Park was founded in 1949 and is located in mountainous karst area. The national park contains a series of beautiful lakes, waterfalls and caves. The park is populated by different by wolfs, deer, bears and rare bird species.

Bucharest: It is the capital of Romania. The nick name of Bucharest is Little Paris. This place is well known for its best museums, vibrant night life scene and Belle Époque buildings.

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