Stay healthy while travelling

Travelling, at times, could be fun while on other occasions, it could be stressful! The stressful facts could be many! And the worst among all is getting food of a particular taste that just doesn’t appeal you!
Many times, you might get seafood in plenty while at other occasions, you might get spicy food. And when you have no liking for either of them, the only option left is to sleep with a hungry stomach! Now to avoid such challenging circumstances, there is a quick tip; to carry healthy food with you while travelling!
No matter if it’s a business trip or a personal one, you should always carry healthy stuff. It keeps you away from hunger pangs when food is not that friendly and familiar with you!
Following is the list of food which you can take along while travelling! Its’ sure to take care of your health, and to satisfy your taste buds.

Tempting fruits could be the best option: Take some fruits of your choice with you. The more they are, the better it is! Take them in variety. It will take care by meeting the varying demands of your taste buds! And you can count on — nothing comes more healthy than fruits.

Flavoured, creamy, crunchy biscuits are yet another option: Along with fresh fruit, you can also take different varieties of biscuits to ensure that you can devour them at any given time without any hustle.

Dry fruits and nut mix: They comprise a low-calorie food with a high fibre cereal. Pistachios (shelled), dried cranberries, almonds and raisins are the best edibles to have as they can also be stored in your pockets.

Indian snacks: Desi snacks could be the best deal to entice your taste buds when away from your native land. It could give you a tasteful company as they are tried and tested over the years. Food items like Matthi with achaar, thepla, papad, khakhra, fafda, papdi etc. can add more delight to your train bonhomie.

Banana chips: Banana chips, available easily in the market, come with a fabulous taste. These make a great snacking option when travelling.

Muffin and Cookies: Baked items like muffin and cookies are travel-friendly. From snacks like biscuits to muffins, you can pick your flavour from the store if time is a constraint.

Protein powders – You should take a re-usable water bottle where you can add the powder in with water or skim milk and hence you can have a great treat!

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