Are you a vagabond or a traveller and loves to wander in different cities or countries? Whether you have a passion to visit foreign lands or explore your own country, your travel blog can guide many wanderlust people. You can share your travel guide, trip details, information or anything helpful for the nomads of the world. Your post should follow these guidelines:

  • Your article can be your personal experience of a trip. Add some camera pictures with the write up to make it attractive.
  • Your article should be informative for the reader wishing to travel to that place.
  • The write up should be of the following categories :
    • Travel and leisure
    • Destination tips
    • Travelling
    • Road trip
    • Air trip
    • Rail trip
    • Food of a travel destination
  • Your article can in the form of tips or paragraphs for the reader to gain information about the destination.
  • The write up should be an original piece with a maximum 100 word bio of the author.

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