The joys of a well planned vacation

One of the most important things about a vacation is that it has to be planned well. Unplanned vacations end up being chaotic and disorganized and end up with the family spending a lot of money and achieving or enjoying very little.


One of the problems that many families have is in deciding where they want to go and the larger the family, the more the confusion. The kids want to go to one place, and the parents want to go somewhere else. If there are aunts and uncles in the group then they have their own preferences. If two or three families are thinking about a combined vacation then the options presented to the group become even more myriad.

Sometimes the discussions about where to go on vacation become full-fledged fights, which subsequently lead to the vacation being cancelled altogether. In order to avoid all these problems it is essential to arrive at a consensus and then plan the vacation well so that every member of the family can enjoy themselves.

The head of the group should first make a list of all the vacations that everyone wants to go to. For some it could be the beach, and for others it could be a hill station. Then a list of all the activities that people want to indulge in should also be made. This could be things like scuba-diving, climbing, hiking, cycling, and snorkelling. Then time should be allotted in the vacation not only for each person to enjoy their own activity, but also for activities where the group can come together and spend some quality time.

One of the things that vacationers should be checking for is the weather. Getting to know the weather is important because too many times people go on vacation to the beach and find that there is a storm coming up the coast, or they take a drive to a mountain top resort and find that the town has been snowed out. The weather channels are a good place to get updates, but then there are many websites on the Internet that offer daily and frequent weather reports. Vacationers should open these websites and get regular updates while they are planning their trips. Then they will get a clear picture of which places have the sunniest weather and which places are great to go to on a cold winter’s day.

How long the outing is going to last is another factor that should be taken into account while planning the outing. Is it going to last for a day or will it involve an overnight stay, do people have to go to work the next day, can they find suitable accommodation for everybody in the group, what are the opinions of all the others in the group; these are all the factors that should be talked about, decided, and implemented.

A well-planned vacation can lead to great joy and bliss for the family, and also ensure that everybody has a good time.

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