Things to know when traveling alone

Traveling alone is not easy stuff; it involves lots of guts and strength of mind. Even if one has the money and power to tour abroad or visit exquisite places, one may lack the courage and capacity to travel alone. So if you are the type who is brave enough to take a trip to places without relying upon the company of your friends or family, you can congratulate yourself for your bravery and confidence. Still, you may have to keep in mind certain issues when traveling on your own. Now, let us take a look at these factors.

• Solo travelers often fall prey to criminals, scammers and fraudulent people. So you should be concerned about your safety. It would be wise to stay in public places and avoid taking help from strangers. Stay at secure hotels and inns that can arrange for cabs or taxis with properly trained travel guides.

• Avoid night time travel and sightseeing, even if you have visited the place earlier. Find a reliable place to stay before it becomes dark.

• Keep extra copies of your passports and credit/debit cards in suitable places.

• Dress properly and respect the local customs. Avoid flashy jewelry that would draw unnecessary attention.

• Never inform strangers that you are traveling on your own. And never let your hotel staffs mention this fact (and your room number) aloud.

• Even if you are lost during your explorations, it would be advisable not to show this visibly. You can approach the nearest shop or restaurant to ask for directions without losing your cool.

• Don’t forget to inform your friends and family about your solo trip. Always keep in touch with them.

• You can also register the information about your trip with your state’s police or embassy.

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