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A country that stands tallest…literally!

A country of luxury, royalty, and sky soaring infrastructures often catches the notice of the rich and the adventurous. When it comes to urban adventure, Dubai has got you covered.

A country of untold riches and unscaled towers, one might look for adventures of the highest origin there. The Russian youtube artists that get their kicks by climbing the highest towers on the planet. This place is an urban paradise. But the story of adventures in Dubai doesn’t stop there. To get adventurous might that this Arab country entails. Let’s consider a fictional guy called Samson and walk him through the plethora of the urban and desert wilderness.

Samson is a freelance artist and a free runner at that. So, adventure is kind of is second nature. He wakes up in the luxurious resort just two miles of Burj Khalifa (With a scale that just might reach the gods). He plans a trip to the tallest wonder of the world. Goes up there just climbing to his heart’s content. His heart is pounding; his adrenaline is high. He is feeling more lively at the world’s zenith than he ever was. He is wearing a jumpsuit for skydiving and jumps from there. He is speeding and as the winds touch his face, he sees the beautiful skylines and hotels that are shaped like chandeliers. As he is skydiving towards the surface, he opens up the chute and in the rush of adrenaline and adventure takes in the beauty that surrounds him. The beauty is unfurling and with a slow and steady pace, enough to take in the surrounding beauty plethora, he lands.

Not to say Samson is satisfied. No, our Samson always looks for more adventures. So, he leaves for the Haj Mountains, a haven for the mountain bikers. What’s within the Mountains surprises him. A time trail labyrinth. A challenge to overcome. He just goes in and wins by a large margin. He is then recognized by Hot Cog, the hardcore mountain bikers. He leaves the bike there and goes on to conquer the Hajar Mountains through hiking and climbing.

Exhausted but still willing to do some fun, he camps out in the desert beyond the city limits. The starred blanket of the sky gives him the inspiration to barbecue in the dusk with friends. With no equipment required. Samson is still happy.

Comes the next day. Refreshed and ready for more, Samson goes on from Reef and wreck dive in the red sea To Kitesurfing and wakeboarding in the Umm Sequim.

Be a Samson, have fun!

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