Tips to follow while trekking

Trekking is mostly done by nature lovers to enjoy the beauty of nature but if not properly planned it can quickly turn into a nightmare. It is better if trekking is done in a group. So one should be very careful and follow some of the tips while trekking.

Some of the things to carry while trekking are first aid box, a small knife, Insect repellents, snacks, compass, route map, torch light, match box, blanket, head lamps, mobile, hand sanitizer, sun screen, medicines for headaches, stomach upsets, fever. It’s better to carry a stick while going very deep.

One of the most important tasks is to properly know about the area or place where you are going for trekking and even know about the weather condition of that particular day.

Take care of your clothing which should be more suitable to the climate of place.  Wear good trekking shoes which are more comfortable for you. Have some good protein food and drink plenty of water at regular intervals. Take frequent breaks. Do not let any one drink alcohol or smoke and don’t even let them to carry. Have a proper budgeting about food and accommodation expenses. It’s better to always carry double the amount of your budget because there may be many unplanned expenses.

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