Tips while travelling with children:

Travelling with children irrespective of their ages is a little bit challenging. But very important thing parents need to remember is they should have more patience. If the child is old enough allow him to pack his own luggage which excites them a lot. But later keep an eye on their stuff what they have packed because packing of too many items is extra luggage for you. Have a clear plan of which place you are going. Searching for accommodation after reaching the destination is quite difficult. So it is very important to plan your accommodation perfectly before you reach the place. Hire baby furniture such as pram, stroller, and highchair. Carry good supply of nappies and baby wipes with you. If your children are older give them a camera so that they can make their own memories. Pack plenty of toys and make sure make sure each child has their own toy.  Plan the meal accordingly and avoid giving them sea food, meat and unpasteurized dairy products. Children are prone to dehydration very quickly and constipation can also be caused due to change in diet. So make sure that they drink water frequently. Allow them to drink only bottled water or bottled fruit juices. Use bottled water while brushing your children’s teeth and wash their hands frequently. Before travelling visits a doctor and make sure that your child’s health is in good condition. Carry a medical kit which contains paracetamol, thermometer, band aids, any medicines prescribed by the doctor and oral rehydration preparation. Pack sunscreen lotion and insect repellents also. If you are travelling by flight try to feed your baby or child while takeoff and landing of the flight. Remember to carry the following items with you. Blankets, plastic bags for storing soiled clothes and shoes. Small bottles of hand gel, tissues, toys, coloring books, multiple pair of socks, shoes, light weight plastic feeding set, laundry soap, snacks which your children like. Check whether there is any leakage from medicines or toiletries. That is why it is better to pack them in a plastic bag. Keep all your children’s clothes at one place so that it saves your time. Also carry nappy rash cream because continuous usage of nappies may hurt their sensitive skin. Carry a portable steam sterilizer to sterilize the things regularly. If you are travelling in very crowded areas write your mobile number on your children’s hand or else write on a paper and put it in their pocket.

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