Travel and Tourism with is an online portal that provides travelling tips and advice to tourists. It aims at making people’s travelling experiences sheer delight. Travelling is something everyone relishes. Tourists always look forward to enjoying their vacations to the fullest. helps them realize their dreams and makes their moments truly memorable. Those travelling within countries have less to worry about than who travel abroad. People see themselves packing their bags and ready to travel for a variety of reasons.

This website provides valuable advice to tourists and helps them deal with problems. Shelter and packing are two important aspects of travelling. Without shelter, tourists may waste their time roaming around from one place to another. This can spoil their journey and ruin their dreams. So they should make up their minds beforehand as to where would they reside at the destination. They can then feel comfortable after arrival. Also, they would feel like rushing to their hotel room and taking rest instead of going around like vagabonds if the journey took a toll on them.

Packing right is also very essential for enjoying vacations. People who pack randomly often end up carrying extra luggage. Extra luggage creates problems and does not let them enjoy their holiday. So, packing should be done such that travellers have less luggage to carry. Travelling with small children may not be a very good idea for tourists and requires patience. Parents should help small children pack their items and let the older ones do it on their own.

Travellers benefit greatly on running the list of ‘required’ items. This helps them with not missing out on any item and remaining tension free. Travelling gives a break from the monotony of daily life and gives people some quality time together. Taking care of belongings is the next important step towards enjoying the holidays. Sometimes, precious items are stolen or misplaced. The least that the travellers can do in such circumstances is search the items or let the authorities know.

People also need to remain safe while travelling. There were cases wherein travel documents were lost. To ensure this does not happen, tourists should keep these documents very carefully. Travellers should always be ready for trekking experiences. Trekking requires people to walk long distances. Wearing comfortable shoes, carrying water bottles and snacks and having good stamina are prerequisites to enjoying trekking. targets tourists from Europe and India.


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