Trekking in India

India is one of the most wanted lands for mountain trekkers. Among the most magnetic areas for mountaineering in India, the Himalayas is the place, where there is high peaks and glaciers all around which makes trekking very thrilling. Moreover, there are many monasteries and temples in Himalaya. Ladakh is a place in Himalaya, which is also known for trekking. There are many long, mid and short ranges of mountains, which attracts mountaineers for trekking as it is dangerous because it is a dry and barren land. In spite of being hazardous and perilous it is a place for pilgrimage. Darjeeling is also another most wanted region in India, which is known for trekking. Here one can see Kanchanjanga mountain range. Mountains have their own beauty, which can be revealed only by mountaineers when they climb the mountains. However, all mountaineers must keep in mind that they can suffer from high altitude sickness. India with its diverse geographical beauty has been an attraction for tourists and mountaineers all over the world, who come here to explore the beauty of nature. Therefore, suggests that it is better to go for few days there and its best to visit in summer as in winter the snowfall makes it tremendously perilous.

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