Your Train Ride Companions

When you travel across the length of India, one mode of transport is inevitable, the train! The journey taken y train may last from 20 minutes or less to 24 hours and more, irrespective of the length of the journey, there are some things that you may arm yourself with for a comfortable journey.

Plenty of water, though every station and even the trains sell or provide bottles of water, there are exceptions and there are times when you don’t get any resource to buy drinking water. Make sure in such cases you have enough water to last you till you find more, differing climates across the country may get you very thirsty.

Something to nibble on for when you are sitting idle and waiting to complete your journey you are bound to get hungry or bored or both. If you carry snacks or tid-bits you may be able to kill time and spend your journey without getting bored.

A good read is something that always comes to the rescue when you are on a long journey because there is a limit to keep looking out of the window, at some point in time all the trees start to look similar and you are bound to get over the excitement of a window seat. More so if you are not able to get any seat close to a window and have to just stare into space for the better part of your journey.

Something to play either a gadget or even a pack of Uno would be the best way to spend time if you are travelling on a long route. The games will keep you occupied and you will reach your destination before you can say UNO!

The travel is a very special part of a trip, but as we all know, you can never really enjoy the time spent on travel without doing something interesting to pass your time.

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