A Culinary Trail To Hyderabad Trying Out Its Top 5 Dishes

Hyderabad is well known for many things, but the two standouts are its food and the sightseeing opportunities it provides. If all you want to do in a trip is eat good food, Hyderabad will definitely not disappoint you, The city’s cuisine is a pass down from from the kitchen of the Mughals, which is why all their food is rich and extravagant; worthy of a royal spread!

Food is something one cannot live without. Some people even travel the world on culinary trails just in search of good food! These people do not bother about the tourist attractions to the place, the sightseeings and adventures the destination offers, all they care about is to try the food of the place and learn something from the cuisine of the place. These people are the true “foodies”. One of the best culinary journeys you can embark on in India is Hyderabad. The dishes in this city are rich and befitting of a royal meal. You can take the Hyderabad to Mumbai flights and further explore the street food varities of Mumbai, but first, here are the top Hyderabadi food you should try.

If you are a fan of Biryani, this is the first choice of meal you will definitely have the moment you reach Hyderabad. Biryani is one the best combination of flavours you can taste in a dish. The process of preparation is a long one and there are various elements that go into the dish that requires special separate preparations until they merge together as one in the final step and form this beautiful dish we so love.

Thinly sliced beef/chicken are stacked upon each other, pierced through in the middle with a metal rod and placed inside a heating machine giving out low heat and placed to slowly cook/grill itself for hours. What do you get after all that? The tender juicy meat for your shawarma. This slow cooked meat is further thinly sliced vertically with a sharp knife onto a pita bread and garnished with thinly sliced vegetables and mayonnaise before rolled up to take the final shape a shawarma does.

Murg do Pyaza
A must-try for meat lovers, this savoury chicken dish is cooked in the proper Hyderabadi spices with onions being the main ingredient. Not only are onions added in the initial stages of cooking but some sautéd onions are added in the end as well. The gravy left in the end is thick and dense, almost like a sauce and only just enough to coat the meat pieces.

You cannot talk about Hyderabadi cooking without a mention of Nihari. It can be both of beef or mutton. This dish which is a result of hours of slow cooking on the stove is one of the most loved Hyderabadi dish. The meat in Nihari is cooked to the point when it gets so tender that the meat literally melts in your mouth.

Mirchi ka Salan
If spicy and hot food are right up your street, rest assured you will fall in love with this dish. Mainly made using anaheim pepper (the extra big green chillies you see in the market), this dish has a thick and grainy gravy. The thickness of the gravy comes because of the use of grounded peanuts and coconut milk.

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  1. The description of these dishes and imagining them in front and about how good they would taste really made mouth water, and now I’ve made this a goal to have these all 5 dishes at-least once in my life.

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