Top Attractions in Petra: Make your Petra sightseeing Pleasant

Petra offers a myriad of visual image that is stunning and spell binding.

Check out bellowed most pleasant Petra sightseeing :

Bab As-Siq

Visit to Petra starts with a journey from Bab As-Siq, the trail of which runs up to the Siq. Bab As-Siq is dotted with tombs and monuments, the famous of which is the Obelisk Tomb.


The Siq is a gorge created by the plate tectonic movement of the Earth’s crust. Walking through the Siq is filled with suspense and drama. The snaking path through the trail is surrounded by towering rock walls. And you are certain to see an almost suspenseful glimpse of the famous Treasury.


If you are holidaying in Petra, please keep following points in mind :

The Treasury

The Treasury is the most coveted piece of architecture in Petra captivating the imagination of all travelers globally. The Treasury is carved out from sandstones only. It is the tomb for the Nabataean King Aretas III. The Treasury is the highlight of Petra, but it is really the start of a wonderful adventure that lies ahead.

Street of Facades

As you keep walking from the Treasury the path widens to a wide open area that showcases different Nabataeans tombs and houses built into the sandstone mountains 2000 years ago.

Hike through Petra

A glorious way to explore Petra is to take a hike through the unmarked hiking trails. The hikes through the trail will take to a vantage point with for some of the best views of Petra, which includes the Roman ruins and the path to the Monastery. The hike could be strenuous but it offers the most unique views over Petra.

The Colonnaded Street

The Colonnaded Street is a standing legacy of the Roman conquest in 106 AD. Those Roman architecture have stood the test of time, and several columns lining the side of the road built several centuries ago remain.

The Great Temple

The Great Temple of the Nabataean was built in 100 BC and is the monumental freestanding building in Petra.

The Monastery (Al-Deir)

The hike to the Monastery is possible after climbing 800 steps or you can take a donkey ride. Along your hike you will pass numerous stalls selling jewelry, souvenirs and scarves.

The Monastery is built larger than the Treasury and surprisingly very well preserved. It is the most elaborate temple in the ancient city of Petra. At the end of your hike you may stroll to the restaurants to eat, relax and take in the view.

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