Road tripping the classic American style from Miami to Key West

Key West is the southernmost town in United States, connected through an overseas highway from Miami. This overseas highway from Miami to Key West is America’s classic driving route with a chain of over 42 bridges. With the view of Atlantic Ocean on both sides of the road, the scenic highway was built after a hurricane damaged the railroad beyond repair. The government of United States came up with this beautiful driveway for the travellers of Florida.
Although the journey from Miami to Key West is just a 4-hour drive, you can always stop at few places to enjoy your road trip. After all, what are road trips for if you do not stop on the intriguing spots of your voyage? While you enjoy your drive on this jaw-dropping beautiful highway, you can stop at the following places :

The first island on your way from Miami to Key West houses two state parks. John Pennekamp State Park is the first underwater park in the USA. Built in 1963, the state park will relax you from your daily hustle of life. Enjoy a swim in the clear and translucent water or go scuba diving in the state park. Scuba diving and looking at the underwater world of the sea, is an adventure in its own. However, if you do not have enough time to spend in the state park, you can see this iconic and oldest state park from a distance and enjoy the thrill of underwater life some other day.
The other is Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary which protects the waters surrounding the keys of Florida. Although if you are bored of water and sea everywhere, you can take a walk in the forest at Hammock Botanical State Park and spot different species of plants and animal reserved there.

The downbeat Tiki Bar in Key Largo is a famous spot to slack off for a while. The bar is famous for its RumRunner cocktail which has its own quirky story. The RumRunner cocktail was invented right here in this bar as the bartender was in excess of rum. Pull off your car at this low-key bar!

Get your camera ready when you drive through this beautiful bridge. The Seven Mile Bridge connects Knight’s key to Little Duck Key. The bridge splits at a point and you can take a walk or a short boat ride along this old bridge to pigeon key. The Pigeon key is a tiny island housed underneath the bridge primarily a base for railway workers, however now it is a historic site for the travellers.

Bahia honda state park in the big pine key is home to America’s best beaches. Stroll in the sandy beaches or give a break to your tired legs in the warm water of this marine state park. Take a look at the nearby national key deer refuge and spot some adorable deers who weigh just 80 pounds.
Hire a jeep or pull out your convertible car to relish your road trip from Miami to Key West. This incredibly beautiful road trip will fill up your camera roll with the jaw-dropping seascape, so get on this journey and boombard your instagram with scenic views.

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