Top 5 Must See Places in Dubai

Dubai needs no introduction when it comes to tourism as it features with a long list of tourist places that you just cannot afford to miss. The city is famous all around the globe for its amazing infrastructure and clean beaches. It is the city of high rises and shopping malls that has transformed into itself from a desert outpost to a prominent tourist attraction. It is also proud to be as a home to the tallest building in the world i.e. the Burj Khalifa. Here are some of the must see tourist attractions in Dubai:

  • The tall Burj Khalifa

Visiting Dubai will simply go in vain if you do not witness the beauty of the Burj Khalifa. An observation deck on the 124th floor of the building is must do when you are in the city. The views of the vast open Arabian Desert from the skyline are simply staggering. Don’t miss to witness the building in the glitzy lights of the city that will fill your eyes with beauty and make you feel delighted

  • Bastakia

Bastakia offers a glimpse of old Dubai. If you wish to witness the subtle side of the city, then Bastakia can be the best place to visit. The place was once home to the Persian merchants who mainly dealt in textiles and pearls. Seduce yourself by witnessing the majestic Persian mansions and breathtaking courtyards!

  • Witness the Amazing Shopping Malls

A trip to the Shopping malls in Dubai is must, where you will witness the advancement of the technology and unbelievable infrastructure.

  • Visit Dubai Creek to Witness the Dhows

Walk down the Dubai Creek and Dhows lined up along the sea! These small boats came into existence during the time of Arabian Nights and are still in existence.

  • Get Mesmerized by the Richness of the Gold Souk

The trip to Dubai will be a waste if you do not travel to the Gold Souk and get amazed by the oceans of gold jewellery and mountains of gold bars that this market is highly famous for.

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