Western Australia woos with Margaret flow!

Western Australia! A sudden whisper of this destination fascinates the traveller’s mind with beautiful scenes and sceneries, which include white, pristine beaches, variety of reefs and rocks and a breath taking landscape of rich wineries.


However, the prettiest attraction on this part of the earth is the widespread clean beaches, which allure one and all to this place. This place also enjoys the credit of having one of the oldest known living cultures on Earth which makes it a favorite destination for those loving history. It also acts as a witness to UNESCO World Heritage reef and rock formations.

The credentials of this place don’t end here as there is much more in the kitty. Western Australia is the place to be for world-class surfing and premium wines.

But out of all, the most pristine place to be visited here is the Margaret River and its wine regions.

Situated in the southern hemisphere, covering an area of more than 2.5 million square kilometres, this place has been wooing travellers from across the world.

The travellers soak in the beauty of Margaret River stretch. Here are the top reasons why a traveller should drive to this stretch…

  • Its premium wine region is the place for indulging in many passions. This is the only wine region in Australia where one can soak in the beauty of award-winning wineries and restaurants.
  • The stunning beaches, tall-timber forests, world-class surf breaks and ancient caves appeal all.
  • The mild weather and abundant sunshine make Margaret River a chilled-out surf base for enjoying the region’s wine flavours and spectacular scenery.
  • There are rolling vineyards against a backdrop of ocean and forest.
  • Besides over 100 wineries, there are many fine restaurants, boutique breweries, art galleries etc which take care of your appetite.
  • There are over 40 top spots along Margaret River’s coast, ranging from powerful reef breaks to fun beach surf.
  • Those with adrenalie rush can enjoy with rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, canoeing and whale watching tours.

So if you haven’t visited this place, just pack you bag and get ready to soak in the nature blessed state.

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